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Makhozana Mbatha "The Reader"

I am All about reading, And South African Literature

I grew up watching a lot of television programs, movies and listening to all kinds of music. I had something in me that has always been drawn towards the arts in general. I taught myself how to read and write at a very early age in English by mimicking and listening to different movies and television programs. I also started reading from a very early age. I grew up in my maternal grandparents house where there was a bookshelf. I picked up the books, and even though I could not read at that age, I mirrored and photographed most of the words from the books in my granny's bookshelf.

Thanks to my photographic memory, I started recalling most of those words when I started going to school . This made my life and days in the classroom very pleasant and most exciting because I finally got to learn and know what all those pictures of words in my head meant. I have always been intrigued by language and different dialects. My curiosity always got the the best of me which is how I managed to keep up my interest in reading and absorbing information.

I read everything and anything that I see. I grew older I discovered that I have a thing for words. I was able to use words creatively and I really enjoyed it. My English teachers in high school praised my special abilities. Everyone in my class hated and didn't understand the whole exercise in literature and I was the odd ball out.

I always looked forward to the Shakespeares in class, and I was such a fan of written composition. The funny thing about this was the guys who used to bully me in high school, some kids were robbed of their lunch monies, my bullies wanted me to do their English homework for them on ransom. I am not sure if this came about as a result of the vigorous reading or is it something that I was born with. In this platform, I will share my passion. My reading adventures my thoughts and opinions and most of all encourage and develop the consumption of African literature. This will be done from a basic, fun interaction and point of view. This being an interaction it is highly encouraged that people post thier views so the dialouge will be robust and progressive.